Video Simple Force Limiting Device for Cyclical Testing

There have been several times in my engineering career that I have needed to limit the force a mechanism can produce, but still allow for unpredictable amounts of deflection. This is very useful in cyclical testing when the test piece needs to have a certain load applied to it over and over. Usually in situations like this, you want to be able to setup a test machine and let it run continuously without the need for babysitting it.

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Corey Rasmussen

Corey is the Managing Director of the Mentored Engineer and owner of Rasmussen Designs. He received his BSME from Baylor University and holds a professional engineering license in North Carolina and Texas. He has been an engineer since 2002 with extensive experience in engineering design, fabrication and troubleshooting. He specializes in mobile equipment, hydraulic systems and machine design. He has two patents

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