Cylinder Articulation Geometry Design Kit


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One difficult task for any engineer is how to design a cylinder used in an articulating arrangement.  This can be a crane, manlift, a simple jib or just about anything you can imagine.  When designing articulation, there are so many variables to analyze and determine that it is often overwhelming.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve felt your pain and have been perfecting a method of simplifying the process that is going to improve accuracy in the results in a shorter amount of time.  This kit includes both English and metric Excel templates, Solidworks layout templates and 2 instructional videos on the process.  In 30 minutes, you will be well on your way to designing your own cylinder articulation.



What’s Included?

  • 2 Solidworks 2020 Cylinder Templates (English and Metric)
  • 2 Excel Templates (English and Metric)
  • 1 Instructional Video
  • 1 Example Video
  • Cylinder Calculator

Who Should Purchase This Product?

This product is intended for those who design cylinders that articulate.  For those who have never done it, this kit will get you competent designing articulating cylinders quickly.  For those that are experts, you will further hone your skills and streamline the process.

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Corey Rasmussen

Corey is the Managing Director of the Mentored Engineer and owner of Rasmussen Designs. He received his BSME from Baylor University and holds a professional engineering license in North Carolina and Texas. He has been an engineer since 2002 with extensive experience in engineering design, fabrication and troubleshooting. He specializes in mobile equipment, hydraulic systems and machine design. He has two patents

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Save 20% Off Most Items! Use Code: 20%OFF
Save 20% Off Most Items! Use Code: 20%OFF
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