Ultimate Hydraulic or Pneumatic Cylinder Calculator

Use this hydraulic and pneumatic cylinder calculator to calculate every piece of information. Easily calculate the cylinder characteristics such force, stroke times, velocity and volume. But let’s not stop there.

You may also want to know how large your port sizes need to be, dead length, buckling loads, burst pressure and structural information as well. This calculator does that too.

Beyond that, this calculator also allows you to apply external loads, add regenerative circuits and midspan support for buckling.

Everything you need to know in this simple online calculator.

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Cylinder Info
Barrel OD (in)
Bore (in)
Rod (in)
Rod (in)
If Rod is a tube
Stroke (in)
Retracted Length (in)
System Info
Extend Flow (gpm)
Extend Pressure (psi)
Retract Flow (gpm)
Retract Pressure (psi)
Buckling Info
Dimensions Needed for Buckling
L1 (in)
L3 (in)
Support for Buckling?
Material Info
Barrel Yield Strength (ksi)
Barrel Ultimate Strength (ksi)
Barrel Young's Modulus (ksi)
Rod Yield Stress (ksi)
Rod Young's Modulus (ksi)
Regenerative Circuit?
External Load at
Full Extension?

Extending Retracting
Hydraulic Area 0.00 in2 0.00 in2
Cylinder Volume 0 in3
0.0 gal
0 in3
0.0 gal
Volume Difference 0 gal 0.0 gal
Velocity nan in/s nan in/s
Stroke Time nan s nan s
Force 0 lb 0 lb
Return Port Flow nan gpm nan gpm
Extend Port Size 0.13 in 0.13 in
Return Port Size 0.13 in 0.13 in
Bore to Rod
Area Ratio
Extended Length 0.00
Dead Length 0.00
Bore Cross
Sectional Area
0.00 in^2
Rod Cross
Sectional Area
0.00 in^2
Critical Buckling 1 lb inf DF
Burst Pressure nan psi nan DF
Hoop Stress nan psi nan DF
Axial Stress nan psi nan DF
Combined Stress nan psi nan DF
Rod Stress nan psi nan DF
1. For trunion cylinders, the retracted length is the distance from the rod clevis to the first mounting point.
2. A traditional cylinder is considered supported if the barrel is constrained from translation at the head.
3. A trunion cylinder is considered supported if the free end is prevented from translating.
4. Contact your local cylinder manufacturer about applicable standards for cylinder approval.
5. While every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of this cylinder calculator, The
Mentored Engineer does not assume responsibility for designs produced from it or any adherance to any standard.