Clean Up Messy Wiring Diagrams and Schematics with Simple Ladder Logic

I’m often asked the question, “It is so difficult to troubleshoot my wiring. Corey, is there any way to clean it up?” Yes there is!

Traditional wiring schematics have all of the inputs and outputs on the component. Wires will need to cross over each other to make the needed connections. Ladder Logic separates the inputs and outputs and organizes them into rungs. This dramatically simplifies the schematic and provides easy troubleshooting.

Take a look at this seemingly simple electrical schematic for a car horn, headlights and a dome light. Too complicated.

Simple 3 Function Schematic

Compare that to this same representation using ladder logic.

Simplified version in ladder logic

Let’s learn more! Click below.

Corey Rasmussen

Corey Rasmussen is an award-winning professional engineer (NC and TX) with over 20 years of product design and development experience. He has two patents related to aerial lifts machinery, has advanced certifications in hydraulics and electronic controls, and specializes in designing mobile equipment. Corey is the principal engineer of Rasmussen Designs and is based out of Durham, NC.

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