Budding Engineer Builds Backyard Coaster: Green Boa

In assisting a young enthusiast with the creation of a backyard roller coaster, I provided guidance for three fundamental aspects of the project: cart construction, support structures, and basic principles of physics.
By detailing design considerations for the coaster cart, I made some suggestions to ensure a harmonious balance between safety and exhilarating thrills. I also gave insights into crafting sturdy support structures.
Fueled by an understanding of key physics principles relating to motion, I empowered the young engineer to orchestrate a backyard roller coaster that combines innovation, education, and adventure.

Corey Rasmussen

Corey Rasmussen is an award-winning professional engineer (NC and TX) with over 20 years of product design and development experience. He has two patents related to aerial lifts machinery, has advanced certifications in hydraulics and electronic controls, and specializes in designing mobile equipment. Corey is the principal engineer of Rasmussen Designs and is based out of Durham, NC.

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