Free Online Shaft Press Fit Calculator

Press fitting has been used for centuries. Early examples are wagon wheels having wood rims and a metal band around it to hold it all together.

This morphed into use on rail transportation where it is far easier to replace the small band of steel that rides on the rail rather than the entire wheel assembly.

Today, press fitting is used in a wide variety of ways from gears and pulleys on shafts to bearings pressed in bores.

This online calculator will allow you to find out how much press fit your design will have and how much force it creates.

Everything you need to know about press fitting is in this simple online calculator.

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Shaft Info
Young’s Modulus, Ei (ksi)
Poisson’s Ratio, νi
ID (in)
Shaft Dia (in)
Upper Tolerance (in)
Lower Tolerance (in)
Shaft OD Limits (in)
0 – 0
Coefficient of Friction
Hub Info
Young’s Modulus, Eo (ksi)
Poisson’s Ratio, νo
OD (in)
Hub Width, w (in)
Upper Tolerance (in)
Lower Tolerance (in)
Hub ID Limits (in)
0 – 0
Minimum Maximum
Press Fit, δ (in) 0.0000 0.0000
Contact Pressure (psi) nan nan
Contact Surface Area (in2) 0.00
Force to Install (lb) nan nan
Torque to Slip (in-lb) nan nan
1. Negative press fit dimensions are shown in red and indicate that the tolerances will give a slip fit.
2. Tolerances are calculated from the nominal shaft diameter.
3. Reference – Shigley’s Mechanical Engineering Design Eighth Edition, Page No 389.

Corey Rasmussen

Corey Rasmussen is an award-winning professional engineer (NC and TX) with over 20 years of product design and development experience. He has two patents related to aerial lifts machinery, has advanced certifications in hydraulics and electronic controls, and specializes in designing mobile equipment. Corey is the principal engineer of Rasmussen Designs and is based out of Durham, NC.

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