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PRO Engineering Calculators

$9.99 / year with a 30-day free trial

Ease your mind and increase productivity with these unique, easy to use engineering calculators.

  • Ultimate Beam Calculator
  • Hydraulic Cylinder
  • Hydraulic Hose Size
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors
  • 3 Different Cases for Pin Loadings


We at the Mentored Engineer are excited and pleased to introduce these world class engineering calculators.  You can find similar ‘free’ calculators online, but they can’t compare to these as far as capability, speed and ease of use.

Ease your mind and speed up your workflow with these engineering calculators.

  • Ultimate Beam Calculator – There is nothing else like this on the market! Those other online beam calculators only allow you to have 1 load case.  This one allows multiple loadings at the same time and tells you the maximum moment, shear and deflection!  Let me repeat, the calculator allows you to have many different loadings on the same beam at the same time!  It even determines points of interest that aren’t obvious.  Well  worth the subscription alone!
  • Hydraulic Cylinder Calculator – Use this tool to size your cylinder based on size, pressure, flow and application.  Most calculators will give you basic information on a hydraulic cylinder.  This one will tell you all the information you need including:
    • Burst Pressure
    • Buckling and Critical Load (includes a mid-span support option)
    • Mounting (trunion vs end mount)
    • Barrel and rod stress calculations
    • Recommended port sizes for incoming and outgoing flow.
  • Hydraulic Hose Size – Always know what the correct size hose is for your hydraulic application.  Tired of using those charts in the fitting magazine that relate size with fluid velocity?  Me too.  This one of a kind calculator will evaluate your hose size for suction, return and working lines.  It also takes into account fluid type and temperature!  The hose size is not only determined by velocity, but also Reynolds number to minimize heat production from wasted power.  Since the calculator is mobile in nature, you can quickly evaluate hose sizes of an existing machine while standing right there!  I do this all the time.
  • Hydraulic Pumps and Motors – Quickly figure out what size pump and motor you need.  Other online calculators can do the math, but you’re often forced into a situation where you have to backsolve.  Their calculator requires inputs of their choice that usually don’t match up with what you need.  To use their product, you have to ‘guess’ at what the answer is and then iterate to a solutions.  Not so with this calculator!  Simply check the boxes of the inputs you want and click calculate.  It knows what you need and solves for it.
  • 3 Different Cases for Pin Loadings – Never design an undersized pin again!  I’ve probably designed over 300 pins in my career and each time it seems that there is the same set of information needed.  Most pin designs need to know the stress on the pin at the load application point, but we are also concerned with the bearing stress and design factors.  I realized that 95% of pins can fit into one of three categories so I made a calculator to handle each:
    • Pins in single shear
    • Pins in double shear
    • Pins in with two unequal loads shear

Even if you only use this once a year, it will pay for itself in the time you save!

How to Access The Calculators

Once purchased, there are several ways to access the calculators.

  1. Click this link to be directed to the calculator menu
  2. Click the ME Plus+ from the Menu.  Then select Course Access.  Look for the Online Calculator course.



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