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Backyard Roller Coaster Design Course

$14.99 / year and a $10.00 sign-up fee

Want to Make Memories That Last a Lifetime?

Not only are roller coasters awesome, but building them with family and friends make memories that last a lifetime!

Building a backyard roller coaster isn’t as difficult as you may think.  With my track calculator, most of the math and physics is handled without you having high school flashbacks.  I recommend making a simple 2D roller coaster (no turns) because it is a simple and cost effective way to start off learning the basics.  It also fits in even the smallest backyards!

I am an engineer with a fascination with roller coasters.  However, I wanted to simplify the design process making it easier for this to become a reality for more people.  I also wanted to make the process easy so that most people would already have or could borrow the needed tools.  No $10,000 tools needed here.

Learn How To:

  • Plan your roller coaster design
  • Understand the simple calculations needed
  • Avoid common, costly pitfalls
  • Design a cart that will move smoothly with any track it sees
  • Form PVC pipe
  • Brace your design like an architect
  • Fabricate with metal


I’ve always wanted to build roller coasters, but never seriously took the leap to doing it.  After building the Black Widow, I’m ready to show you all how I did it!  You’ll also see some of the common mistakes that I made so that you won’t do the same.

This course will give you a head start and save you money and hours of time fixing mistakes

Course Preview


Why is this an Annual Subscription?

Well, we aren’t stopping after completing the Black Widow.  For all the coaster enthusiasts out there, we want to build more types of coasters and do more research.  Each year that goes by we will be adding more material to the course.  Here are some things we are considering for the future.

  • A bicycle style coaster (top and bottom rails) that allow you to straddle the rail system
  • A pneumatic launch coaster
  • With a vertical loop
  • Free spinning car (definitely a vertical axis, but maybe a horizontal axis as well)
  • Prone (luge style / lying down) cart for the black widow
  • Tools for creating good transitions
  • Forming PVC rails for non-constant radii curves (for loops and transitions)
  • Further research on rail to tie joints
  • Research on rolling resistance of wheels on track

There is no obligation to hang on to the annual subscription.  Cancel anytime.


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