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Design of Weldments Course

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Once again I was at work late waiting for my FEA to finish so that I could evaluate, make some changes and start it again.  This vicious cycle had been going on for nearly a month with no real change in the outcome.  Just spinning my wheels with nothing to show for it.  Something had to change here; my boss and the project manager were waiting on me to finish so we could move to production.

I went home that night and laid in bed wide awake thinking about this problem and it dawned on me, “What do the hand calculations tell me?”  I had done some hand calculations, but not on this particular structural joint.  The next morning I walked into my office and performed some simple calculations on the structure and found out that the design was inadequate.  I added some material in the right places and ran the FEA again.

This time I stayed late, (it took about 8 hours to run) just to see the results, but I knew it would be different.  AND IT WAS!  The problem I had been tinkering around with for a whole month was gone!

If you have found yourself in this situation, you are not alone.  After this incident, I set out on a mission to learn the art and science of making welded structures.

After many years study, consulting with experts and practical hands on experience, I have created this course to pass this information on to the next generation.

Now, I want to help YOU by sharing my expertise!

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…the course challenges people like me to be a better designer. I never (that’s right, never) considered welds in bending. I knew that cracks only start in tensile areas but had no visibility into the welds in bending and being a good spot for cracks to form from the inside out. I have recommended that all of our engineers take the course and that they take it once, taking notes, and then go thru again for answers to notes and also for more clarity and understanding…

C Marvin Franklin – Executive Vice President, Design Wise

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  • Welding Basics
  • Weld Strength and Fatigue
  • Minimizing Weld Distortion
  • Joint Design
  • Design for Manufacturing
  • 6.5 Hours (PDH) of course material
  • Use weld symbols properly
  • Understand how fatigue works in welded joints
  • Manage or eliminate weld distortion
  • Know which joints to avoid and when to avoid them
  • Design weldments for manufacturing
  • Reduce time to market by weeks
  • Become the “go to guy” for structural questions
  • Win the approval of your boss
  • Avoid doing FEA altogether
  • Reduce Product Support Issues

Who should take this course:

Anyone who designs weldments should take this course.  It can also be quite useful for welders and production managers as well. This course will be a valued asset for years to come for both the beginner and expert. 

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Subject Matter Experts

Corey Rasmussen P.E.C. Michael
Anderson, P.E.

The Rest of the Story

Hidden is the untold story is the loss of profit because the product got to market late. We (under) estimated the cost of getting to market at just under $4000 per week which is not uncommon for medium sized products. I know that I couldn’t have eliminated all of the FEA from the project, but even reducing the time by two weeks easily makes this course worthwhile.

“I found this course to be informative and pulled out multiple ideas with immediate application on welded frames I have in the pipeline.”

Allen Sager – nLight

Course Extras

  • This online video course can be viewed from anywhere on demand. Take it now and brush up on a video or two anytime you like or before a new project.
  • PDH certificates are available after successful completion of a final exam. (6.5 PDH)
  • 10-day money back guarantee
  • 1 year course access

Course Cost

1 Year Access – $199

Course Samples

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