Design of Weldments Course

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Thanks for taking an interest in our Design of Weldments Course. I really enjoyed putting it together for you and sharpened my skills in the process.

Unfortunately, I came across a sad statistic, where only 6% of people that purchase an online course finish it. Many don’t even start the course.

Well, that is not the mission of the Mentored Engineer. We want to help engineers be the best they can. I couldn’t live with myself if I continued to sell courses knowing that no one was watching them.

As a result, we have completely revamped the course so that it is a CLASS. The class will begin on a set date and you will learn along side your peers worldwide! Three times a week, students will be emailed the video lesson (roughly 30 min). The email will also have a link to a forum for this lesson where you can share your thoughts and ask questions. We will even have “Office Hours” where you can chat directly with the instructors.

These added opportunities to interact will ensure that students will master the information provided; which is the goal, right?

Sign up today for a class starting soon.

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Save 20% Off Most Items! Use Code: 20%OFF
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